About me..


Travel, food, lifestyle, art, yoga, fitness, humor, and many more fun things to explore… if any of this stirs up your enthusiasm welcome to my ‘Dear Diary’ blog. I consider myself a ‘Life Enthusiast’ – a very broad term you would say, but it encompasses all that I wish to write about. The world is a beautiful place and for a creative soul there is inspiration in everything. I would like to contribute to your day by connecting with you through my posts. If they help you in any way or even bring a smile on your face I will consider my work done!

I like meaningful music, my tea strong, and my dreams large. I like days with color, people with passion and conversations that call out the best within me. I know life is short and I want to live with intention, achieve the best within me, and love the people in my life like I really mean it. I want to do my part to elevate our world. I want to live with intensity…

What’s in a name! 

I am Hirnakshi,  (pronounced Hir-nakh-shee) trust me I know my name is long! but this uniqueness often serves as a good ice breaker 😛 It was hard enough to explain my name to Indian friends, and now that I meet people from all over the world I have many nick names. Just incase you were wondering why my parents punished me with such a long name… their intentions were good, as in the literal sense it means “Eyes like a deer or Doe eyes” (In Hindi language ‘Hiran= Deer’ + ‘Aksh= Eyes’).

More about Dr.Hirnakshi Pal Raghav

I am a small town girl who enjoys the city life as much as my reclusive abode in the lap of the Himalayas. Everyday is a blessing and should be spent as such, no matter which part of the globe we are trotting! I belong to Nainital, a beautiful hill station around a lake in Northern India. My years of professional studies and work were spent in Mumbai and after tying the knot with Shivankar, (he..he… yes my soulmate’s name turned out to be as long as mine!) I moved with him to the U.S.A .

@The National Air and Space Museum of Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C (PHOTO ©thedeardiaryblog2015 )

My inspiration…

Shiv and I love to travel and explore new places, as well as places to eat. Among the two of us I am the shutterbug who loves to click away randomly on our trips. Though I’m still learning how to work the camera. As you may have guessed by now, I’m the chatter box soaring in my flights and he is the wind beneath my wings 🙂

I am a dentist by profession, so I do know a thing or two about creating smiles 🙂  I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy sharing them. In this journey of life it was kind of you to spend some time connecting with me by reading this post, please feel free to share your inputs and comments. Enjoy my ‘dear diary’ blog friends.

With Love,