ZEN Up !

We all grow up experiencing an annual obsession for cleanliness and beautification of our house. In the Indian subcontinent it is generally around the festival of Diwali or New year and in the West it is earlier in the year called Spring cleaning! Not to say our home is dirty rest of the year 😛…

Roop Tera Mastana -What and Why??

That get’s me thinking what is it about the Indian subcontinent that captivates people? There is definitely no scarcity of beauty in the world, so the characterizing factor is probably our colorful and rich traditions.

Attempts at Art

An artist cannot fail, it is a success just to be one.-
Charles Horton Cooley

“Escape from the Daily Grind”-visit to Historic Yates Mill

So here we were driving, listening to some wonderful music, enjoying the warm summer sun when we decided to try our luck to check if the Yates mill tour was available. Little did we know that this visit would prove to be a window into the history of Raleigh.

Drawing your attention to canvas!

If you are an amateur artist like me, you may also be in the process of discovering new ways to express creativity. One fine day I decided to try my hand at canvas art, this was a new experience as the only sketching (some may call it doodling) I did before, was on notebooks or…