Bhaiya ek kilo aloo aur tamatar de do!

That is how we carefully choose the names for the dishes ‘AFTER’ we have prepared it. Often, I don’t intentionally start to make the dish that ends up on the dining table. You may call that a lack of skill set, I call it improvisation 🙂

‘Fall’-ing in love!

Green changing into yellow, orange, red, brown splashes of color between the bright blue skies and fading grass. It’s as though God is preparing for a painting but can’t decide which color to choose from his palette 🙂

Roop Tera Mastana -What and Why??

That get’s me thinking what is it about the Indian subcontinent that captivates people? There is definitely no scarcity of beauty in the world, so the characterizing factor is probably our colorful and rich traditions.

Of Rainbows and Miracles…

The journey from womb to world is truly miraculous and you appreciate it most when you witness yourself or someone very close go through it. The female body is a complex creation of God with unimaginable powers, yet, more often than not we powerful beings fail at being pillars of strength for each other.

Winter Confessions

Hometown: Nainital, Uttarakhand, India I feel the cold winter chill, on the tip of my ear, outside the confines of the cozy, warm, heavy blanket. The one we get custom made by ordering ‘kilos’ of cotton to be quilted together, covered with a crisp white cotton, duvet cover with ties at the foot end. In…

Ved and Friends Celebrate Dusshera and Diwali

Today’s children lead a very detailed scheduled life, meticulously crafted by parents who do a lot of research into how their children should lead their lives. We are sorted, our lives synced just like our calendars with afterschool program…

NC Triangle : Photographer’s delight!

No write up would do justice to the moment’s we captured here, hence I will let the photos speak for themselves after all,

               “A picture is worth a thousand words!” 

A twisted tale

Like millions of women struggling to achieve a certain size or look, I try different kinds of activities to attain my version of perfection. Now you can probably guess what I am going to talk about.

“Seven devils”

This town is located beautifully in the lap of nature with many interesting and fun places at a stones throw distance. The Blowing rock, Grandfather mountain, Linville falls, all can be covered in one trip as part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Majestic Udaipur

Figuratively speaking, if Rajasthan were a world renowned beauty queen, the city of Udaipur will be described as her soulful eyes – the most endearing of features.

Biltmore estate

I love the story every house has to share about the people that live there. It defines their choices, their memories, their journey, and who doesn’t enjoy stories!


When the rustling leaves perish into the earth and all that is left is the white calm of winter, it is best to loose yourself in the tranquility of the mountains. Blowing rock, is such a perfect escape.

The ‘Vow’ factor !

For anyone who believes in companionship and promises. The ‘vow’ factor makes life a lot more beautiful and complete.